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«I teach problem-solving by giving my students freedom, assistance and consultation, nurturing self-confidence and to liberating creativity.»

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Middle and High School Math

Standardized Exams

High School Entrance Exams

  • Bronx School of Sciences
  • Stuyvesant High School
  • Brooklyn Technical School
  • Staten Island Technical School

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What Students and Their Parents Say

Ms. Bronstein has many years of experience and knowledge teaching AP Calculus. She is able to teach and explain in a way my child can understand. Our child had never been top student of the class before math sessions with Ms. Bronstein. Now he gets 90’s in the tests.
Mark L. (parent), Brooklyn
Trigonometry used to be very difficult for me . After working with Ms. Bronstein, my trigonomentry test scores have increased about 20-30%. She helps me understand things that went over my head in class. Her patience and intelligence are exceptional.
Ronny B. (student), NYC
My son enjoys math sessions with Ms. Bronstein. Her teaching style is to learn victoriously. She is a great teacher, patient, very organized and always on time
Orit S. (parent), NYC
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